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iPhone 5 and why I’m moving to Android

Alright, so for a decent amount of time now, I have been an iPhone user.

I was originally on an iPhone 3G, once that contract ended, and on release day, I lined up for the iPhone 4. Now my 2 year contract has ended and I found myself looking for my next phone, enter the (at the time) upcoming iPhone 5. I trawled the rumour sites for a while, and enjoyed reading speculation and looking over the leaked parts. I even got quite excited for a while!

Then came September 12th (13th for us Australians), and the announcement was made. For me to upgrade, I'd need to probably go on a 50% more cost plan, and pay $200 for the privilege of a 16GB phone, and what would I get for such a bigger cost? Faster chip, taller screen (I don't call it bigger, just taller. Making it bigger implies to me that it has grown in height and width), a thinner design, and a redesigned dock connecter. No new major hardware features, such as NFC.

Now with the addition of the iPhone 5, I see Apple's current supported line-up (the iPhone 4, 4S and 5) much like you see a range of 15" MacBook Pro's. You have the cheaper, lower powered, through to the more expensive, and highly powered. They are all ultimately the same product in my view.

So we skip forward to the week just gone, and I've ordered a Samsung Galaxy S III (Pebble Blue, 32GB for those interested), but if I so easily moved to Android, why didn't I start with Android? Lets Discuss.

4 Years ago, Android (probably around v2 or 2.2), vs iOS. Both offered similar functionality at the core, the difference however was that iOS goes through such a vigorous testing procedure with Apple, that when they release a feature it will work. Simply that, it will work. They have control over the hardware and software to ensure a pain free user experience. I believed Android wasn't at that stage, it was still fairly young, and a still growing community. For this reason, iOS won out for me. We come to now, with iOS 6, and Android 4.0 (ICS) that comes shipped on the GSIII, and the situation has greatly changed. Android has been around long enough that the community has tested, used and perfected the core features that rival iOS's, and now far beyond. Android also as always has the newer cutting edge features to play with. This mixed with the superior hardware of the phone i've chosen, having the bigger screen, NFC, so on and so forth, made the choice to swap an easy one.

Apple, being this biggest company in the world right now, and priding itself on it's 'innovation', I really feel they have dropped the ball. I am seriously hoping that the iPhone 5 has an underwhelming launch, and sales record. Apple need to know that what they have released has fallen too far behind. Unfortunately the clan of dedicated Apple fans will ensure they have a record release, most likely.

This isn't to say that I won't move back to Apple in the future, who knows what an iPhone 6 will bring in probably 2 years time. But for now I shall enjoy the world of Android.

Comments and opinions welcomed :) .


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  1. Well written article Joe!

  2. Have been dreaming about iPhone for a year. Now totally buying S III. Not that this article convinced me, and i’m not a Samsung employee.. I just don’t like the look in the eyes of iPhone victims when the new iPhone is launched. It’s like you either buy the new iPhone or you’re doomed :)

  3. I, too, am leaning towards the Galaxy once my Verizon contract runs out. My biggest concern is moving all of my data to the new phone and the money I sunk into apps.

    • Luckily I’m not one to sink a lot of money into Music/Media, so I won’t be missing out in that regard, however apps I paid for is a shame I’m now losing. When I think back to what I’ve used in the past month, though, I SMS, Call and Social Media. A few games here and there but I don’t think I’ve ever paid for many of them. Your situation may well be entirely different, but it is definitely a point that came up in my thought process when moving to the GSIII.

  4. Well written, IPhone 5 lacks innovation. I’m more of a Windows phone fan boy but I have good experience with Android too.

  5. yeah i think im gonna hold out for the Nokia lumina 920 it looks pretty rad if i have the patients to wait that long

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